Which Tonearm is prepared or available for balanced / symmetrical operation?

We believe that, apart from Rega-tonearms and derivates, all arms have floating internal wiring, and are ready for balanced connection.

make/brand country models confirmed internal wiring
Shematics Jack/Terminal
Wilson Benesch Ltd. UK A.C.T. 0.5 A.C.T. 2 C. M. yes   ?
Graham Engineering, Inc. USA The Phantom
Model 2.2+2.1
B. Graham yes   ?
Scheu Analog Germany


U.Scheu yes   ?
Kuzma Ltd. Slovakia all models F. Kuzma yes   ?
Frank Schroeder Germany all models F. Schröder yes   ?
SME Ltd. UK all models A. R.-A. yes   5-pin Mini-DIN SME
JELCO Japan SA-250
H. Uchida yes   5-pin Mini-DIN SME
Morsiani Italy CM-1
Cocobolo Wood
C. Morsiani yes   ?
Roksan Audio UK all Models with
HDC-02 cable
tech support yes   ?
Acoustic Solid Germany WTB 213 Wirth yes   ?
G.F.C. Hadcock UK all models Dr. H. Unsworth yes   ?
Cantus Sweden Opus3 Cantus Bo Hansson yes   ?
VPI Industries, Inc. USA all models tech support yes   RCA
Eminent Technology USA ET-2, ET-2.5 B. Thigpen yes   ?
REGA UK all models   YES, but*   Rega-Plug
Thorens Germany TP90 customer yes   solder
Thorens Germany TP16 ? yes - click**   solder
DUAL Germany ? ? ?   solder
Technics Japan SL-1200 1200
etc.. all variants
TNT-audio.com yes Link 1200solder
Link 1300
Pro-Ject / Project Austria all G. A. Iazzi yes RCA / cinch
Linn UK all Linn-Service yes   5-pin Mini-DIN SME
Clear Audio Germany all Service yes   RCA solder
Basis Vector USA all Service yes   RCA
Michell TechnoArm UK all models Bill YES, but*   Rega-Plug
MOERCH DENMARK all models Service yes   5-pin Mini-DIN SME
Mel Audio Italy Zeroha II Service yes   RCA
Mitchell UK all Technoarms Service yes   RCA/solder
Ortofon DK all models Service yes   5-pol Mini-DIN SME
TRIPLANAR USA all models Service yes   RCA/solder
PLUTO NL all models Service yes 5-pol Mini-DIN SME
Fidelity Research Fr 64S  

all models
also 64S

Customers yes   5-pol Mini-DIN SME

AQVOX manufactures special balanced Phonocables - http://www.aqvox.de/cable.html


AQVOX tries to build a complete list, if you know some more details, let us know. This helps us to complete the list.
We believe that, apart from Rega and derivates, all modern arms have floating internal wiring. That means, the Signal-Ground wires are not connected to each other or not to the turntable or tonearm or to the chassis ground-cable. If your arm is not listed please contact us or your dealer/manufacturer.

*only for REGA: the tonearm internal ground wire has to be disconnected from the signal ground. If not done, humm, radio or disturbances -MAY- be audible in balanced input operation. All REGA arms with separate ground-wire can be used without modification. For easy modifications please ask your dealer or us. AQVOX offers special Cables for this, because a Phonostage with balanced current-amplification needs for optimum sound true balanced cables with braided- or twisted conductors.

See here a illustrated instruction for modification:

Here some cable instructions:

** the Thorens TP16 tonearm needs little treatment, disconnect a cable connector under the headshell
A peace of isolation tape will isolate the connector from the toneam metall.

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