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USB2.0 Upgrade for
nearly every DAC

up to 192kHz/24bit
incl. ASIO
please inquire


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AMP-XT audiophile Amplifier

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Key features-

-class sound quality.

-True Double Mono

-No Pre- and Poweramp, but only one Amplificationstage

-True Balanced from input to speakers

-True Single-Ended Advanced Class-A (2 x 130W-sin 8-Ohm)

-Intelligent closed-current control (BIAS)

-Ring-Emitter output transistors

-NO Overall-Feedback, only minimum Local Feedback

O capacitors in the output

-NO capacitors in the input

-LossLess Volumecontrol

-Designed and assembled in Germany

-Design protected by design patent


Advantages of
some key features-
Our exclusive single-ended "Advanced-Class-A" amp-circuits with following advancements:

1- shortest signal-path because of only one single-ended amplification-stage
2- output transistors are never leaving the operation point
(no zero-crossing therefore no crossover distortion )

Topology : true balanced, true single-ended advanceds Class-A
Output-transistors: 2 x 8 Sanken Ring-Emitters (Epitaxial Planar Structure), 14A, 150V, 60MHz Type

Inputs: 3 x RCA, 2 x XLR (continuously balanced)
Impedance: RCA (unbalanced) 47kOhm to Ground , XLR (balanced) 100kOhm differencial
Gain: 27dB balanced, 33dB unbalanced

Outputs: 1 x Record-out
Speakerterminals: A, B, A+B
Display: blue segments for input + volume, input-name programmable, dim+off
Microcontroller: ATMEL MEGA88, 20MHz RISC, LowPower, switched off in idle-mode - pdf

Input: no capacitors in inputsignal
Output: no capacitors in outputsignal

Special lossless volume-control with single resistors which are not in the audio-signal path.
Balance control
Full-Metal remote control IR (volume, mute, input, dim)

Dampingfactor: 500 / 20Hz
Crosstalk: 10W--- 100Hz:110db, 1kHz:110db, 10kHz:110db
Frequency Response: 8Hz to 150kHz
Bandwith: 10 Watt: 100kHz:-0.3db, 150kHz:-1db
Fremdspannungsabstand: -96,5dBr (6,325V, an 25-Ohm)
Geräuschspannungsabstand: -119 dBr (6,325V, an 25-Ohm) Slew rate: 1,12 µV (square 20kHz, 12Vss, 10% to 90%)
Power output: Sine 2 x 130W/8-Ohm, 2 x 160W/4-Ohm @230VAC
Speakers: minimum 4Ohm
Speaker Terminals: bananas, bare wires, cable shoes

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) + Noise
THD+N1kHz bei 1W (2V In): 0,016%
THD+N1kHz bei 10W (4V In): 0,006%
THD+N100kHz bei 10W (4V In): 0,006%
THD+N5kHz bei 10W (4V In): 0,013%
THD+N1kHz half power (4V In): 0,017%

Noise at 4Vrms In / max. Power Out / VOL57: 105db-Flat, 108db weighted
Noise at VOL01, related to max. Power: 132db-Flat, 140db weighted

true double mono layout
discrete current-supplys
discrete voltage-stabilisation-supply
discrete logic-supply

- two custom-made magnetically shielded toroidal-core transformers for the load,
floating mounted and decoupled
- two extra powersupplies for the logic and the stabilization of voltageamplifiers
- double rectifiers for each channel for dead silent ground
- throughout custom-made non inductive bipolar electrolytic-capacitors
with current-symmetric load-/discharge, 90.000 µF
- audiophile Polystyrol-capacitors

Phono-input: no -recommended: AQVOX Phono2Ci
Digital-board:no -recommended: AQVOX USB2DA

Offset-correction among other for safety of the speakers
Standby: no, only ON or OFF
Power consumption: 130W (idle) - 800W (full load)

Colour: Frontpanel silver or black, case only in black/anthrazite
Knobs: Full-metall silver or black
Remote: Full-metal aluminium, infrared. Volume, input, mute, dim
Voltage: 110V - 250V
Weight: 27kg
Exceptional sound reproduction for audiophiles and professional audio.

Dimensions: with 43cm (16.92 inch) high 12,5cm (4,92 inch) deep 45cm (17.71 inch)

Designed and assembled in Germany from the finest parts sourced worldwide.


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